3 Reasons Why Indecisiveness Is Worse Than a Wrong Call

Some people agonize for days, weeks, months – even years coming on one side or the other of an important decision. For some, even mundane choices like what restaurant to go to for dinner or what brand of an item to get from a choice of five similar items can be dilapidating and painful to make. Consider this three facts about indecisiveness and hopefully, just hopefully, you will allow yourself the opportunity to indulge in some quick-er decision making for a welcome change!

Whining, Whirling and Wallowing.

When you start to realize your friends or family are not crazy about being around you much, think hard, you might be burning them out with your constant wallowing in the same old item over and over and over – again. It is cute once or twice heck you might be indulged one more time – but that is it! stop it already.

When you never can make a decision in a timely manner it starts to be a burden to people who have to listen to your constant churning. Avoidance sets in as a tool provided by nature to protect oneself from those who will kill you by their self-made anxieties. The reality is; even after the twenty-seventh time of tossing and turning the day decision is finally made it has no better odds of succeeding than it did on day one.

The viability of any decision or choice made on the first day or the nth day is at best 50% successful and the rest failure. The question becomes; where will your decision fall when you finally make it? That depends on three factors: execution, perseverance(tenacity) and time. Notice the last factor will negatively impact you if you dither even if you end up with the right choice in the end.

Indecisiveness is a Time Robber Number One!

The old adage ‘time is money’ will never be fully retired from the English language because it turns out – it actually is true. America is a good example full of people who literally made a fortune or changed lives because they did not wait to get evidence of the viability of their decisions. Most successful business leaders (in fact, great leaders in general) could all be described by one word – gutsy.

Steve Jobs had no experience in engineering, no college education to boast of, no prior business tract record, no family name or riches to go by but he had plenty of what some might call “reckless” decision making also known as just-jump-in. Now he is a household name based largely on guts. Now, do I mean we have to be stupid in making important decisions in our lives? Of course not! but what has that to do with waiting time and time again for a choice that you have to inevitably make anyway? Carefully consider your options as best as you can and make your choice and let time work to your advantage. Better spent your worrying time in making sure you execute your decision well. At least you will have controlled two of the factors that will boost the chances of your final outcome into the successful percentile!

Regression and Regrets.

Nothing in life is a sure bet but indecisiveness is guarantor of regrets. It pains when someone runs with an idea that you perhaps first had and makes a huge success out it. You think of ways you could have done it perhaps better if you had done it but its now out of your hands and the best you could hope for is the second person to ever do it!
The downside to regrets based on missed opportunity is you become even more regressed. Life in the end, even for the most successful, is sum total of all decisions made. Some decisions will fail no matter how well intended they may be but others will succeed. The differentiator becomes the ratio of your successful decisions made to the unsuccessful ones.

Always remember the success of your final choice has less to do with how many times it was turned over and over but has much to do with execution, tenacity and time. Should I really repeat this again? I will spare you the agony.


Do you struggle with making decisions in a timely manner? Are you anxious when making decisions and does this article make sense to you? If you wish to share your own experience and thoughts, email me or your circle of friends let me know how we can expand this conversation. It would be great to have one less anxious citizen of the world freed from the fear of the unknown “wrong decision.”

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