Buy gold bullion now and prepare for the future

The last three years must have felt like a whirlwind with all the unexpected things that happened. All the uncertainty has shown with much more certainty how important it is to take care of your wealth or to start trading outside the usual stock markets as these have proven to be very risky. The economy is not where it should be. Many people have been expecting us to be deep in the throes of a recession but are we there yet and if that is the case then should you not be thinking about what the best way to safeguard or build up your wealth? It is never too late to buy gold Brisbane regardless of what the so-called experts might say. All economic indicators seem to point to that.

Early this year the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announced a 0.25% interest rate rise. This is quite a leap when you have to consider that rates set at 0.1% this time last year which was the lowest the rate had been. Saving your money at this rate would have been ludicrous but the rate drop would have worked well in favour of anyone looking to borrow.

There is a lot that contributed to the bleakness of 2022. Markets were expected to crash, governments to collapse and Russia was predicted to lay waste to the Ukraine. Things didn’t quite work out as a lot of Doomsdayers predicted. Not everything went to hell as expected but things might turn for the worst and you might not want to find yourself caught in the middle of a storm with no p or a way out. One way to safeguard and ensure your history is choosing safe haven investments like gold.

You know that things aren’t going alright with the economy when the official story does not match up with the majority experiences. Everyone has noticed the rising costs of groceries, fuel and utilities – the very things we need for our daily lives. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, inflation is at 7.8%. Rising monthly bills put great pressure on our budgets. It might be hard to tow the line and be optimistic because things have to change for the better.

We could be headed for a world of pain as the future rolls along. It’s hard to know what is coming because the information disseminated by governments, the media and central banks might not present the truth as it really is.

The markets might have had a great start but the rising US Dollar Index might be an ominous indication of things turning bearish in the not-so-distant future.

Crude oil has also managed to rally. Gold which had a good run in the last few years has retreated giving many pundits cause to pause.

And gold? It might be volatile, but it has always managed to hold its value when things are tough. The best thing to do is to buy gold Brisbane. You know you should be looking at gold as an investment when the world’s central banks seem to be stockpiling gold. It is only wise for you to get some gold and silver for your investment portfolio so it can be a buffer in difficult times.

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