Top 10 Facts About Diamonds You Didn’t Know

The Truth About Diamonds: 15 Facts You Didn't Know

Diamonds never get old when it comes to giving happiness to people. However, buying diamonds requires time and effort to know if the diamond you can get is indeed perfect for you or the wearer. The 5 interesting things to know about diamonds and the top 10 facts about diamonds you didn’t know can serve as a tour guide on what diamond is best to buy. 

Top 10 Facts About Diamonds 

There is Diamond in the Sky

There was a discovery done by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics way back in 2007 on a diamond in the sky. They called the diamond in the sky “Lucy”. Lucy is a billion-trillion-trillion carat diamond!

Remains Turned Into Diamond 

This might not be appealing for some but for some, it is one way of keeping their loved ones by turning their remains into precious stones. Scientists can make this happen for you by making the carbon remains of your loved ones into man-made diamonds.

Diamonds Were Found on River Banks

Diamonds are commonly mined under the earth’s surface using heavy equipment, but a long time ago alluvial mining was done to get diamonds. Diamonds are then found along or at the bottom side of the rivers. 

Diamonds is one of the Hardest Substance in the World 

Diamonds are perfect for jewelry since they can last for a long time. Due to their composition, they are ranked as one of the substances in the world that’s why their durability is guaranteed. 

Diamonds are not All White 

Most of the diamonds we see are white or colorless. However, there are several circumstances where colored diamonds are discovered. They may be rare but they do exist. 

Diamonds are only For the Elite Before

A long time ago diamonds were only for the elites, if a commoner wears diamonds they will be facing consequences for wearing them since they are exclusively for rich people only. 

Diamond can lose 50% of its Carat Weight during Polishing and Cutting 

Cutting diamonds requires a skilled worker to do it. Since cutting them poorly can result in poor quality too. The fact that 50% is lost during polishing and cutting is just intriguing. 

The word Diamond Means Invincible

The word diamond came from the Greek word “Adamas” which means invincible. Diamonds are the only known substance that can cut their own kind and they are known for being indestructible. 

Diamonds Came from Outerspace

Some scientists claim that diamonds come from outer space. They said the carbonado diamonds that are found in South America and Africa came from an asteroid that crashed three billion years ago. 

Diamonds are Used in Construction Equipments 

Construction equipment needs to be able to cut layers and layers of rocks. 80% of the diamonds are used on construction equipment which means that there are more diamonds on the equipment than on the jewelry. 

The History of Diamonds

The first discovery of diamonds were found in India way back in the 4th century BC. They are then transported to trade routes then connect India and China. Diamonds are valued due to their brilliance and strength that’s why they were used as tools and as protection against evils. India continued to be the only source of diamond until the 18th century. Although some diamonds are fun in Brazil, the amount can not meet the demands of the world. In 1866 a 15-year old boy named Erasmus Jacobs found what he thought was just a blue pebble in the Orange River but later on evaluated as a 21.25-carat diamond! 

Information About Diamonds 

Information about diamonds can be easily found on the internet. Thanks to the developing technology making our life easier and making it easier for people to earn more diamonds before buying one. 

Now that you know the top 10 facts about diamonds you didn’t know. You now understand why diamonds are that pricey and why they are precious. If you want to own a diamond you have now an idea about their values and how to preserve them since they are indeed invincible. Learn about diamonds before buying one to get better quality diamonds for your jewelry or as a gift to someone you treasure. Be a wise buyer and do some research before finally buying diamonds.